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At his own pace: LUCKY ALI.

In an informal chat with this singer/composer, we share with you information about his latest online release, and also about what he feels about the online music business. Read on…

[Aditya Mehta] Congratulations Lucky, on the launch of your music album “Xsuie”, exclusively on the Internet.
Lucky Ali's latest music album
[AM] What does “Xsuie” mean?
[Lucky Ali] xsuie is an adaptation of the hindustani word “ik soi”, which generally means doing things at one’s own pace.

[AM]  Please tell us something more about this album.
[LA] All the tracks on this compilation have been in process for a while now, some of the tracks go back to early composition years like ‘sea of life’.

[AM] Where were the songs recorded?

[LA] As is our habit, a track isn’t completed until it is released. We are sticklers for change and keep correcting and tweaking our stuff until we release it, the tracks were recorded during our travels, some in New Zealand, Mauritius, Bangalore, Chennai, Bombay and the UK. mike and i like to travel with our studio and we constantly put down ideas wherever and whenever possible.

[AM] Where is Xsuie available?

[LA] This album being an online release, we have distributed our music through <>,, itunes, amazon, rhapsody, emusic, cd freedom etc. There will be more indian portals as we go along.

[AM] Why did you choose to release this album “online” only?

[LA] We realised a few years ago that music companies were struggling to keep their heads above water, we were paying for their overheads, and not really getting anywhere in terms of creativity etc. So, we decided to stay put until it passed over and worked on an out of the box release when the time was right…and The Time is NOW.

We have our solutions in place and apart from releasing this music, we are encouraging other musicians to follow suit and experience the direct to fan space which is how any musician/ artist would like to see their work expressed and appreciated.

[AM]  Not many of your fans will have access to the Net. So they may not even know about this album. How do you plan to let them know?

[LA] This is an uphill task. We are aware that not all our listeners have access to the internet, but they have phones which are excellent mp3 players. So they will download the track that they like onto their phones.

Physical sales are history, the general vibe is why should i go out and buy something outside when it can be delivered to me directly in the comfort of my own space. and yes publicity and marketing are paramount.

[AM]  Just being a good musician / composer is not enough in today’s tech-savvy world. What do you feel?

[LA] Being true to your work is enough; all else follows regardless.

It helps to know the direction of your journey so you keep your mind eyes and ears open and deal with the obstacles as they surface.

[AM]  Do you feel that commercialisation affects creativity in music?

[LA] Commercialisation does affect creativity and greed doesn’t help karma. One has to accomplish a balance within in order to differentiate between the wheat and the chaff.

[AM] What is your advice to youngsters today who wish to build a career in the music industry?

[LA] Its a crazy world out there and artists are sensitive by nature. So my advise would be to take small steps, and be aware of the environment you intend to express yourself in.

[AM] Besides online videos, what other ways are you adopting to promote your new album?

[LA] I’ll just keep on writing music, and in this way if the music is good, the listeners will promote it. Its very simple.

[AM] Thank you Lucky. Best wishes, Aditya –

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