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Having virtually ‘lived’ everyday in a recording studio that my father built at our house in Mumbai, I have now spent nearly 30 years in such an environment!

Tried my hand at a few jobs after my Masters in Management (MMS from NMiMS), but could not accustom to anything. Finally, the dot com crash in 2000 put me in the Net world. Yes, a crash. Because soaring on a bubble has never been me. People (mostly relatives) thought I was crazy. Its different that they still think I am. But support from my father, who retired from work, has helped me a lot. And my girlfriend agreed to marry me when I was literally broke. Thankfully she had a good job and a large heart.

With around 8 years of experience in various fields/aspects of “music business”: all-India distribution of pro audio equipment, technical support to musicians on legal software, an ambassador of  an international software organisation, a co-founder of innovative companies, etc.  This exposure has given me some material to share thoughts, feelings and experiences with those interested in the field of music business on the whole. Ofcourse, new experiences still continue to excite me, bother me, and help me grow each day.

I do hope you find the topics interesting, useful and simple to absorb. Feel free to share your views as well by leaving your own comments / feedback / views on the subject being discussed.

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Welcome aboard.

- Aditya