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Can there ever be a musician “star” in India?

We know of many international music icons. But are there any in India?

There is enough musical talent today in our country to match the level of international musicians. We have composers churning out big hits, good melodies, etc. But sadly the layman does not bother to acknowledge the musician.

All of us hum tunes of newly released songs. But we don’t even remember who has scored the music or written the lyrics for our favourite film. Nor do we bother to find out. But we surely remember who the hero was, even after years.

There are many music launch pictures in the newspapers every month – taken at the event held for the same. But in most cases, the press also fails to even mention names of the music directors, (forget putting pictures)… and that too in a “music launch”!

When will a musician be truly recognised in our country?

Will there be a “music star” in India, ever? Your thoughts please…